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 State Group Projects

Birthing Kits

While at the ACWW Triennial Conference we learned of the need to provide birthing kits to those in poverty in developing nations. Interest has been expressed to pursue this as a project. 

Contact Gail Winkelman for more information on this project.

Clean Water

This  project is in the development stage.  We are looking at options to help bring clean water to a developing country.  We are considering joining with ACWW by contributing to their work or donating through CleanWater.org. 

Contact Gail Winkelman for more information.

Hygiene packs

This project assembles hygiene packages for any group that needs them within your county or wherever you would like to send them.  They can be for displaced children, the homeless, shelters or whoever your group would like to give them to.

Contact Marie Henifin for more information.

DSHS backpacks for displaced children

Donate a backpack with personal items such as a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a book. Children’s books for all age levels are needed (through 8th grade reading level). 

Contact Gail Winkelman with any questions. 

Help For Military Families

Donate to USO or directly to a club for USO donations. Donations maybe usedat SeaTac Airport. 

You can contact the USO by phone with your questions at 1-888-484-3876. If you wish to make a donation, please call 1-800-876-7469 directly for expedited service. Or go to their website.

 Knit or Crochet Leg and Arm Warmers

Clubs will knit and crochet leg and arm warmers for injured soldiers.

Contact Billie Goodno for further information.

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