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Springfield Illinois CWC Conference 2007

100_1529100_1499Pictures from Springfield, Illinois CWC Conference


Because Springfield is where so much of Lincoln’s life was spent we went to a lot of historical places on the tour.  We went to a rebuilt area where he grew up that had many buildings and people in their historical attire talking to us about life in the time of Lincoln. We toured his original law office. One of the pictures is his law desk. The monument is Lincoln’s tomb in the middle of a cemetary. Our hotel depicted a Rt. 66 memorbilia theme. The gas station in one on Rt. 66 that I saw on my drive from Chicago to Springfield. It was a beautiful area to visit!

Grays Harbor Retreat 2009


Judy-may basketbasket at nursing homeCopy of 109 yr lady

Judy making May Baskets for assisted living facility in Ocean Shores. It was this lady’s 108th Birthday!


Eating is always a great activity during a retreat.  And then there was the small fire and the clean up with every idea that we had for the solution…including coke!  A puzzle was worked on and completed during the weekend!

start May poleMay pole Remember making May Poles when you were little on May Day?  We tried our hand at it again!  Wow!!!!

A celebration of May poles just wouldn’t be complete without a Cinco de Mayo celebration thrown in!  We had a wonderful time doing crafts and completing a community service project too!  Wish you were here!!!!  Come join us next year!

Mexican may pole group

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