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Washington State Home and Community Educators (WSHCE) was founded over 60 years ago.  WSCHE is a member of The Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), Country Women’s Council USA (CWC), and participates in Pennies for Friendship.

Washington State Home and Community Educators has been a long time member of the ACWW.

ACWW is a non-political, non-sectarian international organization involving more than 6.5 million members of women’s organizations and societies in more than 65 countries around the world. Established in 1933, the organization works to improve standards of living for women and their families through a wide variety of world projects. ACWW was awarded a consultative status with the United Nations in 1950.

The ACWW’s Pennies for Friendship program assists in funding these projects.  Pennies for Friendship is funded by ACWW members who literally donate their pennies.

ACWW has four main missions/goals to fulfill across the globe. In order to finance and implement those missions/goals, ACWW uses the Pennies for Friendship fund. Those main purposes are listed below:

• ACWW’s Water for All Fund supports clean water and sanitation projects providing water tanks, bore wells and hand pumps.

• ACWW’s Women Feed the World Fund supports subsistence food production, cooperatives, training in appropriate agricultural techniques and credit savings schemes.

• ACWW’s four-year Women in Development Program in collaboration with the UK National Lottery Charities Board and our partner organization in Mali, West Africa are empowering women and girls through increased access to education, healthcare and income-generating opportunities.

• ACWW’s capacity-building workshops in Kenya, Colombia and the Philippines, carried out in partnership with Dutch development agency, Agriterra, are helping to strengthen rural women’s organizations.

The CWC came into being in 1939.  The purpose was to provide a means of meeting together between international conferences of the ACWW – and as a vehicle through which the work of ACWW might be carried on in the USA.

By meeting together, the many societies of ACWW in the United States of America have made the Country Women’s Council USA an efficient, cooperative, and understanding body.  Thus, CWC has served to strengthen ACWW and, in so doing, has become strong and effective in the promotion of the activities of the mother organization.


Patricia Altshular, our United Nations Representative, speaking at the CWC Conference in Springfield, Illinois in 2007.

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